About the Artist

Kate Gedz is an uprooted artist from Kiev, Ukraine distinguishing herself through  the passionate of strokes on canvas just using her hands. 

Kate has always been iIntrigued by art and at the age eighteen she decided to be an artist. In 2015, Kate went to  United States to take a Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute. She knew this program would take her to the next level as an artist and help her discover her voice as  a  unique individual. 

Kate was born and raised In Kiev, Ukraine. She is from a family of twelve children, with ten adopted siblings. She is the second oldest child, so she was constantly helping out  with the younger ones, because they  went through a lot of traumas in the past. 

Since she was a little girl in her heart she had a  desire to help people get to  know how they are unique and how much potential They Have. She has been so passionate about  Helping Her Younger Brothers And Sisters To Find Their Singularity, and  Talents, that their transformation, influenced her own art and brought it to a new levelt. Kate says “I understood how important it is to know your uniqueness and vision. Everyone needs to have their true dream and purpose in life, as an artist,  I want to Influence people to think different, manifest new ideas and awake their deepest dreams” 

Besides painting, Kate's passion is to help people discover who they are and inspire them to create. She is doing it through coaching other artists from all over the world. 

Kate currently resides in Miami, Florida, she moved there because Ocean is her biggest  inspiration for art.

A crucial part of Kate’s process is total immersion , she is improvising and being completely free using assorted arsenal of mediums at her disposal, like graphite, inks, markers, charcoal, acrylics, oils and she is painting just using her hands. Touching canvas with just  hands, creates a  special deep connection between her and her paintings.