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Want to manifest your Vision onto the canvas and create sellable art?

My new 1:1 Art Mentorship Program is for You.

With this mentorship, I'll help you develop sellable and unique art skills and pursue your dream of becoming an artist.

For each student, I design a custom curriculum based on their goals and skill level.

 By working with a professional artist and mentor, you can find the right techniques and the process for you instead of spending years learning them on your own. I will guide you in reaching your goals in a reasonable time frame that will save you a lot of time and let you live your art dream as soon as possible.

 I know from my experience as an artist that an art journey isn't just about learning skills, it's about self discovery and overcoming art blocks. In addition to teaching you skills, I'll support you and give you the right exercises to overcome challenges and become your best self.


 How does it work?

  • We talk about your goals, skills, lifestyle, and personality, and I design a customized curriculum based on that.

  • Based on the curriculum we will have weekly one-on-one painting sessions via zoom ( 1.5 or 3 hours per week, depends on package)

  • Additionally, you will receive support from me throughout the week : you can send me your progress, ask questions, and I'll offer you feedback, tips, and the exercises you need at the moment via text, voice, and video messages. We always will be in touch.

  • As a bonus I'll help you with social media marketing, so you can start promoting your art right away and start getting sales.


Art Mentorship: 4 painting sessions per month (6 hours of painting) 

Art Mentorship Pro: 8 painting sessions per month (12 hours of painting) 

1 painting session is 1.5 hours. Mentorship prices are for one month.

Spots for the mentorship are limited, as I want to give each student enough attention and support to succeed.