This is my last painting I finished the day before war started I my country Ukraine, I felt so happy that day, took photo of it, posted it on my stories and went out with a friend.


In the morning when I woke up and first thing I see is crying video message from my best friend in Kyiv that war started and she is so scared, I started checking news and in the beginning I couldn’t believe that it’s real, my mind didn’t want to accept it.


I called my dad and he said “Kate, I can’t talk, I packing documents and about to leave home, I don’t know where we are going, but we have to leave because it can be late


Since that my life is never going to be the same, these days have been the most terrible days in my life.


I’ve understand that all problems I had before are not problems at all.


When your family and friends are in danger to die, nothing matters in this life anymore.  

Things that I was thinking were making me happy, don’t bring me happiness anymore.


I title this painting “Peace” and it’s going to be my forever reminder that peace and safety of the family and friends, this is what true happiness is 💔


Mixed Media Oil on Canvas - 30x40 inches 

Give us  3-7 business days to pack your painting before shipping, each original comes with certificate of authenticity and small gift. 


Free shipping in USA

Delivery time: 7-14 business days 

50% of the profits from this painting will be donated to help people in Ukraine 💙💛

Regular price $950.00

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